We monitor all the anonymous employee complaint websites, so you don't have to.

Wasting your time checking anonymous employee reviews about your company on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Twitter and about a dozen others? Stop that. We monitor all the noise so you don't have to.

Anonymous Employee Review Monitoring Made Easy and Affordable

You don’t have time for monitoring all the anonymous employee complaints around the web every day. For only $149.99 monthly, we'll grab all your company reviews and serve them up on your iPhone or iPad.

If You Care About Employer Branding ...

Ratedly isn't just for HR executives and recruitment managers. CEOs, marketing professionals, agencies and even investors need their fingers on the pulse of employee satisfaction too. Perfect for enterpise-level businesses and SMBs alike.


Monitor Your Employee Satisfaction, On-The-Go, with Your iPhone or iPad

It's a mobile world and you're on the move. The office goes with you everywhere. That's why we built Ratedly as a native iPhone and iPad app. When negative employee reviews hit the Web, don't be caught handcuffed to your desktop. Our push notifications keep you agile and aware, anywhere.

Manage Your Employee Reviews with Our Bookmarking, Sharing Features

Monitoring your employee feedback is just one piece of the puzzle. Ratedly also helps you manage the process by empowering you to Bookmark the most crucial reviews from all the sites we aggregate, as well as easily Share them with coworkers, bosses and other important contacts.

"... a pretty killer app that every HR and recruiting pro needs to know in 2016 - and beyond."

- RecruitingDaily's "The Top HR Technology and Recruiting Tools of 2016"


Not only do we cover the most well-known employee review sites, we go deeper than anyone else too.


Only $149.99/mo. Cheaper than your bagel budget. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.


Register with your own email and password, or easily join thru your Facebook account.


Does a recruitment advertising agency handle your employment branding? We have a solution for them.


We provide Full Review, Location, Job Title, Review Site, Star Rating and more.


Time is critical. Bad reviews can go viral. We're your 24/7 monitoring service.


Quickly access your reviews with our bookmarking feature. Great time saver.


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